HeadRehab technology is valuable at all levels of Athletics as the issue of sport concussion continues to grow. Coaches, physicians, sports medicine professionals, and parents need to know when an athlete has sustained a concussion and when the brain has recovered so that the athlete can return to sports. HeadRehab virtual reality testing is a quick and accurate means of testing an Athlete’s Memory, Balance, and Reaction Time. Physicians and decision-makers choose to include HeadRehab test scores in their evaluation of the athlete.
HeadRehab was developed in the neuro-research lab and everything we build meets the stringent requirements of research world. A high degree of Specificity and Sensitivity are at the core of all of our software systems. Researchers rely on the accurate data our systems provide for project work and publications. HeadRehab technology has been a valuable component in over $3 Million of grant funding.

Developed initially for military TBI and sport concussion uses, HeadRehab technology has been proven by our clients to offer significant value in clinical applications such as evaluating brain function in patients suffering ‘chemo-brain’ and tracking recovery of TBI patients.

Client Testimonials

HeadRehab is a state of the art system that incorporates the latest virtual reality technologies allowing SportsBrain the ability to test athletes in a dynamic & fun environment rather than just sitting a desk with the traditional computerized exams – and in less time!
Kristine Gross, President, SportsBrain, LLC
The application of the HeadRehab software revolutionizes the way we look at concussions in athletics and also provides objective and comprehensive results of brain function in a variety of settings. Healthbox chose HeadRehab for the Florida accelerator program because of their clear potential to be a major player in the future of brain health and concussion management.
George Gordon, Executive Director, Healthbox Florida
We find that Head Rehab’s platform is a more consistent and reliable tool than many standard neurocognitive tests and is an excellent addition to our evaluation process of patients undergoing chemotherapy.
Phil Sabel – Director of Patient Administration, Brain Fitness Centers of Florida
With the recent increase in attention related to head trauma, from athletics to aging seniors, HeadRehab brings together a unique solution with an exceptional team to execute on the transformative vision.
Ateet Adhikari, Director, Healthbox, LLC
HeadRehab VR compared with current MR/DTI is relatively inexpensive to purchase (15K vs. 1M), much faster, better tolerated, better accepted by patients, cheaper and much more accurate. You don’t need a neuroradiologist for interpretation nor highly trained technician. If you were an end user or payer, would you not require VR before authorizing DTI? You would save the $2500 study unless the VR is abnormal.
Dr. Stephen Scranton, MD and Managing Physician, Brain Fitness Centers of Florida
I strongly believe in the issue of head injury that HeadRehab is working to address. The level of scientific research and clinical applications, make HeadRehab a strong part of the overall Healthbox portfolio.
Nina Nashif, Founder and CEO, Healthbox, LLC

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