HeadRehab is focused on bringing transformational technology to the neuro market to enhance the way sports medicine professionals, researchers, and physicians evaluate brain function.



herald-tribune-news-logo The Sarasota company makes and sells virtual reality software designed to test a patient’s balance and spatial memory.

Now 9 years old, HeadRehab has graduated from the start-up phase and is now busy expanding its sales.

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Penn State News

penn-state-news-logo At Penn State’s Center for Sport Concussion Research and Service, a young athlete uses a remote control device to navigate through a virtual room to test his balance and ability to adjust quickly to a changing scene.

All Penn State varsity athletes and many younger athletes from the local community undergo testing before their practice season starts, to provide baseline performance levels. Athletes who later suffer a concussion undergo testing after their injury, to monitor their recovery.

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Penn State Kinesiology

Penn State Kinesiology Video produced by Penn State University, featuring 128 Channel EGI and HeadRehab Virtual Reality for concussion management
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ABC Action News

ABC Action News Movies and video games in 3-D can entertain our kids, but now similar technology is helping diagnose brain trauma. A Clearwater medical practice is using virtual reality testing with older folks and giving us a new look at brain function.

“It tells you how bad the balance really is or really it’s not so bad and perhaps it’s related to something else, their spatial memory, it gives a good idea of why they’re getting lost when they’re driving or why they keep losing their keys or their purse,” Scranton said.

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Orthopedics This Week

Orthopedics This Week Dr. Morris told OTW, “In an effort to provide cutting edge technology to our community we chose Head Rehab whose foundation is based on solid neuroscience combined with virtual reality technology which evaluates multiple areas of brain function; spatial memory, balance, reaction time. This science/technology is a good fit with our Sports Medicine and Performance program where we provide sports medicine services to 15 area high schools who provide a variety of sporting options to the student body.”
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ABC Action News

ABC Action News Doctors are using virtual reality to keep student athletes safe from their reality on the playing field. Sports medicine specialists at Florida Hospital say repeated small hits can actually lead to concussions. HeadRehab technology gives doctors a baseline for future diagnoses.

“We’re looking for a comparison so what happens when their normal and then if they were to sustain injury where are they then,” Dr. Jonathan Phillips, sports medicine physician at Florida Hospital, said. The 3-D concussion test looks at spatial relations, balance and reaction time.

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CBS News

CBS News LogoHeadRehab Concussion Management technology in play at the Penn State Sport Concussion Center. CBS News highlights HeadRehab virtual reality technology in the Penn State Sport Concussion Center where all PSU athletes take a pre-season Baseline test and Post-Injury tests following any suspected head-injury. Dr. Sam Slobounov shares insight on the rationale that places HeadRehab as a central component in PSU’s concussion testing protocol.

Both a 3DTV version and a portable head-mounted display version of the HeadRehab hardware are featured.

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Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Times LogoHeadRehab started seven years ago working with military war trauma. Now expanding to sports concussion market. Duo say doctors, researchers and athletic trainers lack an objective, scientifically valid technology to quickly assess brain performance after a concussion. Virtual reality device gauges individual’s memory, balance and reactions on a 1-10 scale as baseline at start of a sports season to compare after any potential head injury. Software sold using “per test” or “per month” pricing models directly to athletic programs.
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Speaking Engagements

2014 - Stream Health Conference logo
Stream Health 2014 (Lake Nona, FL)

HeadRehab was invited to present at the Stream Health Tech Lab and to compete in the Gadgethon where innovative health technology was the focus for the global audience.

NFL Combine 2014
NFL Combine 2014 – Professional Football Chiropractic Society (Indianapolis, IN)

Dr. Michael Gay, PhD, ATC presented Concussion Research, Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies to the NFL team physicians, chiropractors, and sports medicine specialists. Dr. Gay focused an hour of the discussion on HeadRehab’s virtual reality solutions and their implementation in concussion management programs. HeadRehab’s COO, Craig Anderson, also presented to the group of health experts and held a 2 day technology demonstration.
HeadRehab’s client and partner in the youth athletic testing market, SportsBrain, was also participated in the NFL Combine.

South By Southwest 2014 – SXsports – Heads Up: Concussion in Sports (Austin, TX)

CBS News invited HeadRehab’s COO, Craig Anderson, to sit on a panel of experts in a multifaceted look at the NFL’s current state of concussions, providing the view of former players, medical experts, and those in charge of advancing the technology to improve player safety.
Panel Members:
Craig Anderson – HeadRehab, Inc – COO
Chris Nowinski – Sports Legacy Institute – Founder and Executive Director
Dominique Foxworth – former NFL player, NFLPA President (2012-2014), NBPA COO (2014)
Will Brinson – Sr. NFL Writer for CBS Sports, Panel Moderator

SC Workers Compensation Educational Association – SCWCEA Regional and National Conferences 2014 (Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC)

The need to quantify the functional deficits of a head-injury extends into the world of Workers Compensation litigation. HeadRehab was invited to speak at both the regional and national conferences where Craig Anderson (COO) addressed legal and medical professionals in a discussion on innovative technology in neuroscience and applications in court proceedings.

Concussion Info

The first step in making a difference in Traumatic Brain Injury is to understand the issue and raise awareness on TBI. The links below provide information from trusted expert resources.


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